Tuesday, October 18, 2005

channelling soundlabs...

Some of my sound has been included in the online SoundLab Channel EDITION III as part of the section of soundart from Australia curated by Michael Yuen.

The artists include:
Thomas Reiner, Lawrence English, Robert Sazdov
Sebastian Tomczak, Stephen Gard and myself

You can find it at: http://concerthall.le-musee-divisioniste.org/start1.htm

"arty cipnats"

Here's a little article in the age about the ANAT Lab and participants - or to quote Adam Nash and Melinda Rackham "arty cipnats"...


devine moments...

Amnesty International Freedom Festival 2005 - Tilleys Devine Cafe (Canberra, Aus)

SomayaID-i/o + Josh Wodak
SomayaID-i/o + Josh Wodak
Ursula RuckerUrsula Rucker
Ursula RuckerUrsula Rucker
Ben MonoBen Mono
Bec PatonBec Paton
Cris ClucasCris Clucas

images: n mariette

protesting passion

Have recieved one of the three finalist awards for my piece "Passion in the Protest" which is a real surprise. Other winners are Brendon Kennedy with "Audio Nullius" and Mykel Carlier with "Fathom". Ten works were commissioned as part of the "Ten Minutes of Passion Now and Then" by the National Film and Sound Archive (now part of the AFC) and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

There's more info (and broadcast times) at: http://www.screensound.gov.au/passion/web/audio.htm

Thursday, October 13, 2005

stop and listen

The amnesty international freedom festival about 3 weeks ago with international guests Ursula Rucker (and her band Gintas Janusonis and Tim Motzer) from Philadelphia and New York and Munich DJ Ben Mono plus Bec Paton (now based in Sydney) and other Canberra locals (Cris Clucas and Ashley Feraude, Mikah Freeman and myself) seems to have made an impact.



[There was also a great Australian countryside experience - complete with kangaroos (and joey) and large bitey ants, especially for Ben... no images unfortunately, but it was a great laugh, and a memorable morning.]

toasting circuitry

yet another gig...

on at TOAST in Canberra on Saturday October 22nd

Starting 8pm sharp...

Alien Digit
Disjunction Reunion
Conrad Newholmes
Bec Paton


the Make It Up Club last night in Melbourne, was a night to be remembered...

Arrived just as Gulpepsh from Osaka - masked by orange and black scarf bound around his head/face - beatboxed his way through the night with random screams, japanese opera, and some fucking hardcore mic shit (bassline, drums and other noises articulating the performance, all coming from the one source...). Apparrently refered to as Japanese terror-pop - whatever it is, it's just so engaging it becomes addictive.

For anyone around in Melb this week it's got the energy that a live performance should really have. He'll be performing tonight (Wed October 12) at PONY. The gig also has Steve Law, Sean Baxter and Stephen Richards doing some band-based music I've been told.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Clash of the Dark Sci-Fi Titans"

____ __ __ _ _____
__ __________ _ _ __ __ _
_ ____ __ __ _
_____________plug n play this week :
___from the backstreets of bladerunner,
____ _____ __ __________ _ _
______grimey arcade sounds
__ stuttering electrics in the sky...
_______channelling the ghosts in the machine
___tickling the underbelly of the mothership
_____ __ ____ __ __ _ _
______ 'Science Fiction'
____________VS_____ _ _
____ _____ __ __ _ _
_____somaya langley ( canberra )
___future eater ( collingwood )
______ _____ _ __ _ _
______pixels by jean poole,
____________farmed from fantastic planets,
_____and otherworldly electricities..
________________ _ _
__ __ _ _____
_ _ pnp: kent st cafe :: 201 smith st
_______ _ :: 8-11pm:: every thu :: free _ _
____ _ _ _____ _ _____ __ _

for those of you in melbourne this thursday 14th october...

Friday, October 07, 2005


Sony vs Stevens case came thru yesterday ruling that mod chipping of Sony PlayStations is legal.

Hopefully this effects the exemption of TPM's for Australian cultural institutions (as a result of the FTA) in a positive way. and the association of tools with alternatively licenced materials (such as media licenced under creative commons)

See: http://www.theage.com.au/news/breaking/playstation-mods-legal-says-high-court/2005/10/06/1128562920702.html

Pluggaz N Playaz

too late to make it to the gig... however for those in Melb's, played a gig at Kent St Cafe, Smith St, with the following line-up:

dpwolf (Brunswick ) :: self-coded video madness
Somaya Langley (Canberra) :: hearty sonic-soup
Anthony Magen (Coburg) :: found sound regurgitations
Future Eater (World Of Warcraft):: stormy weather chillectro
Jean P00le (Collingwood ) :: fresh pixel booty


Licenced under Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License


Licenced under Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License

repeat pattern

repeat pattern
Licenced under Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License


Licenced under Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License

fringes of electro

this year's electrofringe didn't seem to have the same intensive vibe as other years - some speculate this has ties to the close of bloody fist in newcastle. thus said, this year i spoke on a few panels and presented a few collaborative performances with a number of different people

somehow the 3am jam at the collaborador space - post inappropriate discussion at the leagues club - had me fired up to actually push my feelings through my sound. such a good channel for providing a realm to explore and diffuse my frustrations while hoping the message gets through to others.

haven't ever jammed with govinda before - such a beautiful play - wonder why we've never managed to do this in the past...

this is about...

solo performance at the Amnesty International Freedom Festival 2005 - at Tilley's on the 25th September. aired a new work i've been developing - loosely titled "this is about..." and all the things that standing up infront of a microphone, being given the opportunity to have a voice, represents.

at times life seems so serendipitous - this gig with ursula rucker, having listened so frequently to her silver or lead album during the end, 2004. having acts of infidelity by previous partners push our paths to cross and into a parallel stream of sonic production and empowerment.

this is about, is about so many things - but mainly about respect, openness and honesty.

war and peace bot

there's been a little discussion of political issues at the Create_Space lab - which prompted today's project.

the DIRT (Dynamic Interactive Response Time) workshop today was based around the creation of DrawBots (drawing robots). Created a jittery, hyperactive machine-gun looking bot with a couple of paper cranes attached - commentary on military forces "do good" missions... Image to be uploaded.

Beginning concept development (and implementation) on a "backpack/parcel" interactive new media work, to do with the current social attitude to backpack wearers and suspect packages - post London bombings and Canberra situation with white sand/cultural institutions earlier in the year.

More info as the project progresses...

new networks, new spaces

Almost one week down at the ANAT New Media lab - Create_Space - at the Melbourne Meat Market venue.

Meeting, collaborating and socialising with a range of Australian New Media artists - Tim Plaisted, Matt Gardiner, Troy Innocent, Alex Gillespie, Sarah Neville, Trish Adams, Tim Barrass, Andrew Burrell, Shiralee Saul plus facilitators Adam Nash, Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki.

Much discussion of history/memory, residue, layering of memory over time in relation to specific locations, associations between particular spaces and feelings.

The first collaboration project with Tim Plaisted and Trish Adams resulted in a number of concepts for projects around the themes of: waiting spaces, lost spaces, inaccessible spaces, display/stage spaces, dead spaces.

Fantastic to collaborate with a new group of people who are highly skilled at what they do. Also really interesting to see/hear how other's deal with space, and interesting to see my own perception and association to public and social spaces.