Monday, November 14, 2005

dissenting voices

As most of you who keep an ear/eye on the media, the review of the Sedition Laws looks positively terror-fying for artists...

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are one of the few things that we consider our right as Australians living in Australia in the current day and age. (Perhaps we just take it for granted...) As creators, artists, musicians, media makers (the list is long) - our work embodies our beliefs, and so perhaps we are first in the "firing line", should these restrictive laws come into effect.

The current situation that has emerged over the past two weeks makes the ground we stand on seem infintely less stable, and crumbling at an exponential rate...

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Somaya Langley - Liquid Architecture 6Liquid Architecture 6 - Public Office, Melbourne, 2nd July 2005

sounding passionate

Ten Minutes of Passion

Radio producers and sound artists from across the country have melded archival audio and contemporary sound to explore love, anger and obsession – in short the emotions of passion.

Now it’s listeners’ turn to experience Ten Minutes of Passion, an innovative new radio series commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive (a division of the Australian Film Commission) and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). The series will be available free of charge to any CBAA affiliated station for inclusion in local programming from early November.

The ten 10-minute mini-features, documentaries and soundscapes are suitable for general programming, arts segments or any program with a political, social, cultural or historical focus.

Australia’s audio heritage is showcased through such diverse projects as:

John Sheridan and Paul Kelly’s A Passion For Early Radio, a journey back to the pre-television era of radio - a time when the public received global news from the radio and listened with fascination.

Brendon Kennedy’s Audio Nullius, an experimental radio play focusing on acoustic archaeologists who sift the cosmos for relics of past civilisations.

Artan Jama and Simon Winkler’s Australian Cultural Identity, an audio montage that attempts to define Australia’s identity by exploring soccer, the television program Neighbours and Indigenous reconciliation.

Jillian Bartlett’s Gunzels, a radio documentary about a group of eccentric people who share an obsession with, and commitment to, buses.

Mykel Carlier’s Fathom, an avant-garde sound collage fusing the many layers of perspective and emotion found in archival audio.

Michelle O’Connor’s Love Stories, which explores whether the experience of falling in love is the same for everyone.

Somaya Langley’s Passion in the Protest, a personal exploration of the extraordinary passion found in protests.

Rob Willis’ Stand Up and Sing, a mini-documentary about Australia’s passion for music and song from 1897 to the present.

Michael Kraaz‘s The Billabong Bolt, about a long forgotten Australian superhero who explores the Archive’s collection and wonders why he wasn’t chosen as an icon.

Richard Allen’s The Kimberly Under Attack, a radio documentary that explores the influence of World War Two on the Kimberly region via first hand stories relating to the area.