Friday, August 31, 2007

gesturally sound

danielle wilde and somaya langley performing headscrape experiment
© 2007 ross bencina, somaya langley and danielle wilde

ross bencina, danielle wilde and i were based at steim for three weeks in july 2007 working on a series of experimental gestural sound experiments utilising various techniques and Nintendo Wii remote technology.

we will be back at steim again on the 24th september 2007 to take part in a workshop presentation on the use of Wiimotes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

stolen love-terror

terror mon amour
Originally uploaded by somaya
pedro inoue's exhibition which opened last night at stolen space

fucking amazing work...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

book in ya face


okay, i signed up fo facebook out of curiosity - and now i'm getting a million (well not really, but too many anyway) emails notifying me of activity that's going on in there.

while there are obviously many benefits to social networking, where is the criticism? or at least critical analysis of its impact??

so far it's a time-sucking device - like i needed another...
i originally started this blog (before the 2005 vital signs conference) as a means to criticise the whole blogging phenomenon - you can't really talk about what you don't know, right!?! of course, somehow my naïveté lead me to keep it up.

i do actually enjoy seeing ppl in the flesh, not just sitting in bed with a laptop
(govinda - you have a lot to answer for)

11/08/2007: let me take some of that back... there is some discussion of this going on thru fibreculture at the moment, see: