Monday, September 15, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

two weeks on

4th May: your words

hey ,

…..fuck somaya,i actually don´t wanna do this,reading you´r posts, sorry when i read post that´s not intended for me, but i have to give a comment on this….

i still have feelings for you…but not in the way you wanna i have…i really really wanna be still you´r friend, but i don´t think the relationship works. ...i don´t feel in the relationship wise feeling. you a really great and special person and please don't rethink about you´r plans coming to berlin and study.

i´m getting angry and unhappy when we have to talk about this. thats frustrating and hurting and killing feelings.

i always enjoyed the sex with you,really never had better one before.

i still will support you when you will come to berlin or what ever is you´r plans. i don´t wan´t that you rethink about you´r plans that bringing you forward in you´r career.

so question from me to you…really serious: can we just friends for a while?

and for you´r question of speaking about this. ...i would say october is a good month to meet somewhere in the world. maybe for a week. and then we can speak and look how we handle this.


yet by the 20th May, there was her