Monday, April 10, 2006

redfern in autumn

redfern arvo

what to do in redfern on a saturday afternoon when you lock yourself out of the car? sit on the street in the sun and read RealTime (thanks realtime!)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

commonly creative

there's currently an innovations forum running at the National Library (today is day 2). Brian Fitzgerald from Creative Commons Australia presented a paper that really outlines the changes in creation and use of creative content.

users are the new creators. consumer affordable technology (at least in the first world) means that almost anyone can be a creator these days. it leans on heirachies and begins to break down barriers between who can and who can't...

this in itself raises a whole new set of issues about the mass of content being created and published in a public environment (like this blog for instance). what then do we do with all of this "stuff"?

d' ya know what time it is?

i positively hate re-blogging... having said that it's something i'm tending to do more frequently.

Clockr, however, deserves a mention. It's another really good illustration of new modes of creation in the digital age: sample, remix, etc