Monday, October 30, 2006


those crazy kids from loom (aka. khye and dan) put on a great show at the art school ball (read: high school social) loom - take 1
loom - take 2

ID-i/o performance

...the end of my performance at Electrofringe as ID-i/o recorded by AliaK.

sun + grass

grass and telephone pole
thistle stalks
selby's fenceline


life has been going through some pretty major changes of late. driving back from sydney last week, this seemed very apt...

ocean drive

ocean drive - part 1
ocean drive - part 2

breakfast at giulia's

concrete stensil

the block, block party

sunday's block party at the block...

just down the road from my (almost) home

block party at the block

block party horizons

last sonar

Nick Mariette has uploaded some photos to Flickr of Sonar 2005 (when we were hanging out in the Barcelona summertime...)


not much time to report back on electrofringe 2006 - and was busy there with a performance - in ID-i/o mode - and panel on digital archiving (with shannon o'neill and jo fleming).

a selection of scenes from electrofringe...

the colectivo girls, mid-RAW performance
collectivo - RAW performance
TK in new!shop mode, with new!shoppers gail priest and others
sophea lerner and andrew burrell cooking up a sonic storm
more food radio
more sonic cookery (shannon o'neill - ready to remix in the background)
food radio
ross bencina outlined in robin fox's super-duper maxMSP-driven laser showross bencina in the laserbeam of robin fox

Thursday, October 19, 2006

studying canberra

braddon servo view
civic building site

newie attitudes

walking along hunter street in newcastle by myself, on a friday morning in late september...
free david hicks
homeland security

sensing mileage

somaya's hypersense hand
the hypersense complex is still getting some mileage...

Friday, October 13, 2006

race rioting

apparently, during school holidays there's an under age night on at academy in civic. there's two rival "gangs" - the lebanese and the italians.
civic teenage race riot
this is canberra. these are high school kids i'm talking about - building a semi-"race riot" situation and using it as an excuse for an the outlet of teenage testosterone...

no excuses. this country has gone way too far...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

first greyness

tasting aloneness: greyness
as published in the FIRST Journal (Vertibrae), and launched today.