Monday, February 20, 2006

spectrum of data at noisy white

if this could be my loungeroom...

White Noise - ACMI, Melbourne 2005

had the opportunity to see this work a few times - while in Melbourne last year - during various conferences and workshops. Meant that I had the room to myself for about 20 minutes on two separate occassions, which is rare to get such a long time alone in an exhibition space Have been thinking about it recently, and it just seems so 'right' - at least to me. The right sense of timing, the pushing of the boundary of the seemingly "digital horizon", the waves of numbers as phases shift from one to the other...

ah, so Japanese

Ryoji Ikeda, Japan, 2005
Video installation with multiple projectors, mirrors and 4 channel sound
data.spectra is a new work by Japan's leading electronic music composer, Ryoji Ikeda. An intensely bright, narrow screen spans the entire width of a darkened room. Upon moving closer, the screen reveals that the room's light source is a vast array of tiny digits, streaming across the surface, seemingly without end.

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