Wednesday, July 19, 2006

this time, this place, this space

time_place_space - landscape
I recently took part in the Time_Place_Space 5 workshop run by the Performance Space and held at the Creative Industries Presinct at QUT in Brisbane.

The two week long workshop was pretty flat out - with many collaborations and creative outcomes including:

  • the draft of a work based on the provocation of the Labrynth and the Vanishing Point - for which our work came up with a performance piece based around a number of concepts including: loss, death, grief, the asymptote and knitting nancy - with the working title "Why I Cannot be a Buddhist"

  • the draft of a performance work based around unbearable and bearable stereotypes. for this we carried out an "intervention" into Brisbane society (Queen Street Mall to be precise) and came up with a work that somehow tried to integrate out combined Celtic, Brazilian, Jewish and Greek/Macedonian cultural heritages along with our stereotypes. This began to brush against notions of who could be Australian. (And what this whole Australian thing meant anyway...)

  • System Survival was the proposal for a new media experience where audience members take part in a collaborative journey through a post-disaster scenario. My group included Lara and TK (aka. New!Shop recent fame) and Rakini Devi, and with us all having common conceptual interests for our work, we felt like we began on the "same page" and so plunged into creating a great concept for a work

  • a one-minute video titled fearhate

  • a performance of a "rough and raw" work that i had brought to the workshop, under the guise of ID-i/o - using accellerometers to control manipulation of sound

  • other presentations included a short five-minute collaborative performance and a two-minute improv with little preparation time

And then of course there were moments like the TPS rap...
"Melati, Melati, looking for tha party..." something, something, rhymes with gelati... (Lara, Caitlin, TK - you rock)

So many amazing people, facilitators, moments, working collaborations - i was on a high for a week post-workshop.

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