Monday, April 09, 2007


a bit late now... was a guest on immogen semmler's radio show out of the box on FBi FM over the easter long weekend

"Sound artist and radio presenter, Somaya took us on a journey through sound art, electronic producing and her own career of sound production and audio craft!"

the best of subsequence - 2003-2006...

raum 1poleR~scape
authenticitysi-cut.dbfrom tears: beach archivebiphop
postfabricalva.nototransvisionraster noton
cyclictomas jirkuentropyintr_version
the art of stalkingsuburban knightmy sol dark directionraster noton
transitionmad mikedepth charge 5submerge
everybody is a disasteragf.3 + sue cminimoviesasphodel records
rant (hot in here)ursula ruckerma'at mama!k7
shimmersomaya langleyACMC 2004Australasian Computer Music Association

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