Monday, February 20, 2012


missing is a little bit like wishing. you wish that it could be a different way, and you miss all the characteristics about something that made it what it is, or was.

in my case, lets be honest, i'm missing someone i considered my best friend. and while it might not have been such a great time for them (as there were pretty challenging circumstances surrounding the last phase of my life these past few years), it seems ironic that... almost the minute they're not around, i start to be able to do all the things again that we enjoyed together. like the pressure is off, and i can do all those enjoyable things again, like dancing to good music, going to be the beach, wandering the streets taking photos of graffiti, walking to chinatown for dumplings, nites out having drinks with friends and hanging out in the sun.

i have to accept that they chose a different path, but one part of me can't help but wish that they were around, hanging with my crew, to now take part in this new phase. of course, i've got other friends to share these times with, and i do, but there is that twinge every now and again, that wishes they were part of this renewed adventure too.

i do think that life can pass you by pretty quickly, and whatever differences are better worked out, because as we all know (or should do, and if not, are learning), nothing is forever, and if we're only on this planet for a certain amount of time, then when we're truly gone for good, would we have missed not sharing at least some of those moments. i know i would.

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