Monday, February 06, 2012


i ran into a quote online today, that seemed pretty poignant:

"Maybe your soulmate is... the person who forces your soul to grow the most. Not all growth feels good." - Rabbi Ari

and perhaps this is really true. it's a topic that i've been thinking about a bit lately, and i do wonder, when you need to clean up your act, who else might you listen to and then actually act upon these comments? okay, in my case, i didn't start to really act until it was too late - but i think had i heard it from anyone else, i still wouldn't have even begun to sort out my shit in the way that i'm taking the steps now.

so while i should have made bigger steps far sooner, because that person deserved to be hanging around the awesome me (not the one that i hadn't noticed that i'd even become in the past year or so), its not too late to clean my act up, even if now, its only for myself.

but i do think that when you really feel someone is your soulmate, it always remains so. so because of this, that growth is inspired by them, even if it is now a hard road to take.

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